Thursday, October 28, 2004

Photo Project: Always look on the bright side

Unfortunately I didn't get my old room back when I returned to Lihir. My old lodging were down in a shared house on the cliff top and a lovely spot it was too.

House on the Londonovit Cliff Top My Block in the Camp

My current room is in the camp and pretty basic, as most mining camps can be. It has no view to speak of and as if to aid the claustrophobia it is also beside the communication compound with all the satellite dishes and a high cyclone fence. In the overcast and wet conditions when I arrived this look pretty ordinary. So I got to thinking that I should really try to capture the dishes at their photographic best. A kind of photographic forced optimism project, and I must strongly recommend it as an idea. Grab your camera and go out and photograph something that has always seemed very ordinary. Look to find beauty in the mundane. A good time to look is in the dawn, morning, late afternoon and evening light.

Satellite Dishes Satellite Dishes

Satellite Dishes Satellite Dishes

Satellite Dishes Satellite Dishes

It didn't take long to see the photographic potential, in fact the available light photos were so rich in the evening light, that they have inspired me to do another screen wallpaper for the colour & light series. The instruction of how to save it as your screen wallpaper are over in the righthand column.

Click here to see the higher resolution image to load as your own screen wallpaper
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