Saturday, September 25, 2004

Red Eyes (and their removal)

I did take a lot of photos for a Quiz night at the local social club and because I had to use flash there are a lot of red eyes.Many photos taken with compact or digital cameras,suffer the sinister phenomena of glowing red eyes. It is actually a reflection of the flash off the retina of the subject. There are a few thing you can do when you take the photo to reduce or overcome the problem. For now I will look at what to do when your flash photo subject has red eyes.


Normally i have shied away from fixing red eye. Most photo editors are the same, their red eye removal technique is tedious to use and dubious in how well they actually fix the problem.


Again keeping in the theme of simple and easy edit tools I used HP Image Zone, the slimed down and very free version I download from Its red eye remove is so simple and best of all it works! Time taken less than a minute, and that includes starting up the program!

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