Monday, September 27, 2004

Man I kisim picksa

The I in pidgin is pronounced EE, so the heading when spoken sounds roughly like "man he kisim picture". But before you start thinking my love of didgital photography has turned a bit unnatural, it really just means "he took the photos"

These are some photos I took at the kids independance day cultural celebrations. Scrolled down and look in the archives if you want to see more. I have made them up into two A1 sized posters, which the company's community relations depratment are having printed up. They actuall look great blown up.

I made the posters with a trial version of Adobe photoshop elements, using the photo collage feature. Elements has a "tear of" How to menu that appears automatically on the bottom left hand side. I found The instruction reasonably clear, it even has "do this step for me buttons" on crucial steps. You'll find setting up the collage under the Fun stuff heading. It was pretty easy and turned out well. I also used the Save/As PDF option rather than print. It produced a massive files, roughly 70MB each poster, but these printed so beautifully I'm not going to worry about the file size.

I'm therefore warming to Adobe Photoshop after my initial dissapointment.

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