Thursday, September 23, 2004

Colour contrast & intensity

This is a cartoon character I created about a year ago, called Alvin People (I guess only older Australians will get the joke). He is an average, thoroughly modern, guy. Outwardly boring but inwardly intense. I’ve tried to portray him in a very cartoonist way. He is an extra simple shape, symbolizing boring, but savvy in his dress sense, symbolizing intensity and shown by the of vibrant contrast in his clothes. It is a simple visual trick bringing opposite colours together and you increase their apparent intensity. Purple & yellow, red & green, orange & blue, these colour pairs look vibrant together. The same can work in photographs

You’ll be seeing more of Alvin in this blog, assuming you come back, He and his wife Lila, who is more into pastel shades, will be helping out explaining stuff from time to time. Alvin just loves, actually he is totally obsessed by, anything with buttons. Computers, remote controls, mobile phone, Ipods, digital cameras, mobile phones with digital cameras, PDAs, remote controls for digital cameras! He is under serious button stress above, lets hope he just takes a photo of the button rather than pushing it.
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