Thursday, September 16, 2004

55 cents worth

I’m a geologist, a scientist/engineer type, so I like to evaluate things. Naturally I undertook an extensive,(hey I’m joking!), evaluation of my photo taking during the HP on-line course. I picked up my camera to start the first assignment on the 1st. September and finished uploading stuff just before midday on the 14th. I had taken 2031 photos, a massive total of 1.16 gigabytes, that’s an average of 150 photos or 83mb a day! And I thought I only had a 40mb a day habit..

I also went through 3 and a bit re-changes of my batteries, so that’s about 600 photo per battery cycle. Which is pretty pleasing because one of the early things I noticed about my digital camera was that it can be pretty demanding on the batteries.

The cost of such photographic extravagance you ask? Well I already own the camera, smartmedia cards and battery charger. So the likely consumable cost will be, either 2 conventional CDs (maybe Aus$8) or one DVD with plenty of room left for other photos (maybe Aus$10). That’s a damn lot of fun for around 55 cents a day.
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