Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Editing out the injuries

Looking at the photos of the honeyeater (see post below), I could see he was quiet injured on his leg. Poor little guy. Anyway it has given me a nice photo to enhanced and try out different packages. I had just downloaded the trial version of Adobe photo elements and was keen to test it out.

I decided to just try fixing the overall intensity of the lighting, rotating it so it looks like he is flying and giving him a bit of cosmetic enhancement to remove his bloodied feathers and injured leg, using a cloning tool, and finally to crop out my hand

The results

PSP = Jasco Photo Shop (time taken for edits 2.5 minutes)

CP = Corel Photobook (time taken for edits 3 minutes)

PSE = Adobe Photoshop Elements (time taken for edits 35 minutes)

The time taken for Adobe Photoshop is long because I got stuck at the error message “could not complete your request because the area to clone has not been defined” and looking into it I only found “You must set a sampling point on the active layer before you paint with the clone stamp tool” which still had me wondering what to do. Does it mean I must read the manual or enroll in a basic photoshop course? I would have rather the software said something like press alt and the right click to define the clone area. Am I expecting too much?
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