Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Lihirian Dixie Chicks

This group of young girls followed me around singing and playing an awesome tune on pieces of bamboo. I assume the pieces were taken from the bamboo band. I guess it was their way of attracting my attention to take their photo. I did and when I showed them this photo in the LCD screen they all ran away giggling.

The Bamboo Bands, originally come from Buka Island just off Bougainville. They set up various length of bamboo, like a sort of xylophone, and two ot three people beat it really energically, with sand shoe souls (or more commonly rubber thongs!). No I’m not kidding. The sound is really loud, totally infectious, a kind of a samba style version of a caribbean steel band with a distinct zydeco pace if not faster.

PS: I have just repaired this link for Photo Friday topic sister(s) (pikinini sista in pigdin).

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