Monday, June 23, 2014

ThePatch :: (Not so) dedicated follower of fashion

This week theme Marketing/Fashion for the The Patch is another a bit out of my league. I’m definitely not a dedicated follower of fashion. So I put off and put off this assignment, to the last hours and when I figured I’d actually have to do something, I tried to focus on fashion hype rather than something actually in fashion which I knew I would get out of date. I had recently heard the phase “Orange is the New Black” (I have since found out its a Netflix/TV series, which sounds a lot like the old Australian reg grundy produced favourite called prisoner) and tried to assembly something in those “fashion” tones. I must I had fun with different lighting (see the autoawesome motion gif below),but I opted for some post processing to gove it an advert feel. In the end I just didn’t like the “tall” composition so i just cropped it, a lot!
*MOTION gif of all the lighting I tried outOriginal Photo as shotEdited in Corel Photo to add a textured vignetteThen Edited in Perfect Effects to treat Background as BW
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