Thursday, June 05, 2014

Finding & Fixing Dust Spots a really neat way

Around 2PM  as a Sand Storm PassesFinding dust spot on the sensor has become a bit of an ongoing theme, having experiences some very dusty conditions recently I‘m very aware of the tiny pests and the havoc they can cause on a decent photo.. Because DSLR cameras have mirrors that flap up and down and you can change lenses, it is pretty inevitable that you will at some time experience dust on your sensor. The best way to deal with dust of course is to clean your sensor, and I’ve written about that a few times.

What is more interesting is finding ways to “detect” and “fix” images that do have dust spots. +Scott Davenport, a moderator with the Patch Community in google+ has a really nifty method of both finding and fixing dust spots, including a preset for perfect effects 8 to do this. The video below is from his blog post and explains the simple process better than I could.

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