Tuesday, June 03, 2014

ThePatch :: Marketing to the Unconsumer

I didn’t want my submission to this weeks the patch theme Marketing/Product to be overly commercialized and haven’t Amazon claimed the patent on product against backlit white background anyway? My sentiments don’t lie in the “must have” marketing side anyway. I had contemplated doing a faux ad for my home brew. After three weeks in Saudi Arabia a beer is a welcome sight. Alas having been away a lot there was no new home brew to enjoy, and +Stephen Anthony had already used the concept very well. The TV, Magazines and Newspapers seem to be full of ads for the latest smartphones or telecom plans, so I though about that and decides to make an ad not to buy one, instead stick with your old nokia.

IMGP2159-HDR (1)My plan was to use a close up yet dark HDR image, which was ok but some stains on the blank screen were distracting so I decided to have the screen lit, which had the advantage the keyboard also lights up. It didn’t take me long to figure that a google search page would be perfect (nokia had such apps way before their phone could even do the internet!). I then experimented with light and a simple eveready torch and longish exposure gave the perfect vignette to create a retro grunge effect (no fancy instagram filters downloaded or required).

My first Attempt at Remain RetroMy nokia is well loved and very well travelled and has been to the back of the Himalayas, deep into the Amzon, the Andes and all over Africa, even Europe. In a lot of places the GSM signal just wasn’t there or not strong enough but the tiny camera still worked. I actually did succumb and upgraded to an Android phone long ago, but I still pack the nokia as the cheapest and most reliable phone on foreign soil is to buy a prepaid SIM card (at the airport when you arrive).
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