Sunday, June 15, 2014

AutoAwesome Bloppers

I should have prepared more consistently for this, in that for some time I was deleting the not quiet right autoawesomes. Perhaps I get more than most, but I doubt it. Other than the *HDRs and an occasion *Motion and even rarer *Pano, I have found the autoawesomes to be bemusing because they so often miss the mark. Here is a collection of some I have received )and not deleted for some reason, they are not my best work for sure.

There are a couple of *HDR images where I moved the camera (I had pushed the shutter by accident and auto-backup had scoped up everything before I deleted these duds). My biggest disappointment is with stitched panoramas, which have very seldom worked for overlapping sequences I have shoot, Often they are jumpy *motion gifs, sometime they are weird *erase images. Also *erase seems to have a pretty consistent habit of liking to remove the subject or cut them into fragments. And don't get me started on *snow, I even have it covering my sketches now.

Anyway (other than in this post) I don't have to share these mishaps. Part of my Week of AutoAwesomesness
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