Monday, June 16, 2014

The Patch :: Revisiting some travel photography

This weeks the patch theme is marketing & travel, which should be made for me (I travel a lot but not often to tourist destinations). However the wet weather and family commitments etc.. keep me firmly in one spot. thinking of the travel immediately drew me to the photo I took in Russell (Bay of island in New Zealand). All I did was rest my camera on the table behind our drinks, non looking through the view finder, pressed the shutter button and camera autofocused, and a glorious photo).

IMGP0417I did try scouting a couple of nearby location but leaden skies aren’t encouragement to travel. So I resorted to reprocessing some recent photos from my recent travels to Saudi Arabia.

I was fortunate to reach Bulgah Rocks at sunset (not a place on the tourist trail) but very much a special place for ancient "map" of bedoiun trade routesthe Bedouin trade routes. The trees between the rocks mark a place of permanent water. I did take several images and post an autoawesome HDR prepared by google+ at the time. However I felt I at least need to postprocess the photos this week, to be “almost” legitimate for the patch  So I used both lightroom and perfect effects 8. In lightroom I did my fairly standard tonal adjustments and a little noise reduction. Then I did the round trip into Perfect Effects and used the layers to handle the sky and the foreground separately. I also had taken a series of overlapping i9mages of the rocks, which I have stitched with Autostitch into a panorama, but panoramas are not well treated in google+ so its the the post processed sunset is the candidate.

bulgag rocks big pano
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