Monday, June 16, 2014

No AutoAwesomes, but an Observation

Today I didn’t take many photos (I was busy and it was raining heavily) so I only got one autoawesome showed up and it was definitely not worth sharing. Looking back over the week’s blog stats I can see my view counts have dropped, so my little experiment hasn’t appeal to you, my audience either. All this “fun stuff” from google+ photos comes for free but it isn’t really that useful. You can not get many of the features to work from scratch, so I they are not tools, they are tinsel. Even more obvious/disconcerting is the lack of documentation on these effects, and even how to use the editing features that are available. This nextweb article, does a decent job of covering the basics (unofficially on google’s behalf).

Whilst I’m not going to stop using picasa, autobackup and utilize google+ photos, I’m not inclined to leave it to google+ to look after my photos, select what is worthy and sharable.

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