Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Patch :: Street Art

This weeks The Patch theme is about Graffiti/Street Art/Architecture, this really only leaves me one place to take a picture, the areas around Hosier Lane, which has become famous for its street art. It seems it is the go to place to have your wedding photos taken and on most tourist guides. But all is not well there, much of the decent art is over painted, often with tags and pointless profanities. Ok its a colourful enough scene but perhaps the art is suffering. So a loose coalition of street artist, with council backing, are painting the walls black again to let a new generation of street art develop. Not everyone is happy, you can see a paste up in support has been ripped off and tagged over already (image on the left). I think the image on the right is the better ambassador for street art in Melbourne.
IMGP6484 IMGP6485-2
quote from the torn paste-up above left
“it's not about respecting nor disrespecting anyone
its about equality everybody having a turn
all art means something to some one”
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