Friday, March 14, 2014

The Patch :: Not Quiet Churches/Houses of Worship & Architecture

This week’s the Patch theme is Churches/Houses of Worship & Architecture , Sounded simple enough and I visited a few churches that had caught my eye, but didn’t manage to capture anything more than the bricks and mortar, architecture right! Still I want to show the worship aspect.An Auto-awesome HDR created by google+ This is a quiet little spot on a very busy street corner. Not knowing enough latin to make sense of the simple inscription I have been puzzled by what a crucifix was doing in front of an anglican church with dates that clearly commemorate the first world war.Whilst I think Invictus Pax is a character in World of Warcraft or a game like it, Isn’t the -us the plural form and -is the singular in latin? I  like the simplicity of this sculpture and serenity of the dying Jesus, the humbleness of the church behind compared with the big very gothic catholic cathedral across the road only adds to the enigma. The church itself, St Peter’s, seems to have two lives, a lot of well dressed music folk (and students) use the front door on Gisborne Street whilst the back gate onto Albert Street seems to be always open and welcoming to the homeless and needy. I have photographed this memorial a number of times now and on a sunny day it has always been in partial but strong shadow and thus difficult to get a decent exposure, so yesterday I instinctively turned to take a bracketed set. I uploaded all my church photos and looked through them without being particularly pleased with any of them. I had completely overlooked my bracketed sets and hadn’t even considered the statue for inclusion in the patch. Then I got the “you have two Auto-Awesomes waiting” alert, Google+ Auto-backup had already hoovered up my photos and done its algorithmic things, I had a look without having high hopes (I actually expected a couple of panoramas of St. Pats). When I saw its HDR processing of the statue I recognised the best image of Worship and Reflection. The image has had a little straightening and cropping but is all the HDR defaults from Google+ (glad it isn’t garish like so many other HDR effects/filters).

Here are some of my other churches below.

 Refurbished Waverly Baptists Church, the second autoawesome HDR St. Pats IMGP6325 St. Pats  St. Pats  St. PatsIMGP6326 St Peter's Back Door (probably was originally the front door) St Peters

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