Tuesday, March 25, 2014

RAW Sunrise post processed three ways

towards Wilson's Prom, enhanced with Lightroomprocessed with Prefect Effects 8  with Dynamic Contrast &  Colour Enhancer Filtersprocessed with AfterShot Pro and Perfectly Clear Adjustment
These are all processed from the same RAW file. The Sunrise only glimpsed between the clouds this morning and I did manage one shoot, but it is overblown on the horizon and a bit glum elsewhere else, A typical flat RAW file from a high contrast scene. so I decided to see what my software could independently do with the same basic task of balancing the image tonality. Hover you mouse over the pictures to see details.
I think this just goes to show that while I may prefer to do the tonal tweaking myself but by using AfterShot Pro’s perfectly clear single click adjustment will give me a very good idea of what is possible. The rest is personal preference and judgement.

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