Sunday, March 02, 2014

Even More Mistresses

Not content with have a number of photo managers (aka Mistresses) that don’t really get along, I just noticed that I have a growing line of “cloud storage” courtesans vying for my attention, my files, many of which are photos and a bit more bandwidth demand for syncing (slowing start up). Whilst I used to use BOX and Google Drive extensively, I must admit I have moved to dropbox for things photographic, and specifically for syncing photos from my phone. Its really easy and automatic (I have set my android up to upload any photos whenever the phone finds a WiFi link).

Whilst in theory Google Drive is integrated with Google+ photos (& Picasa Web Albums) in practice I’m still a bit lost and haven’t use it for photos in quiet a while. The update of Skydrive to One Drive, seems to be in name mainly and a little bit of cleaning up the interface. Like Skydrive it does have photo friendly features.

I’m no closer to choosing one over the others and will probably keep using which ever is appropriate for my current needs on an ad hoc basis.

CNet’s Sarah Mitroff, has a good summary of the offerings of these four cloud storage services.
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