Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The Patch :: The Big M by night.

This one is not HDR! 

I missed to opportunity to photograph some of the great architectural features in Melbourne last week as I was having some net access issues and didn't look up this months themes in time. However I resolved to photography interesting detail on one of the Harry Sielder's buildings that were design for the the Waverly Council. I have always liked the big M fountain/foyer in front of the council chambers and figured a photo of it gleaming white in front of a bright blue Australian summer sky would be perfect for this week's the patch theme building features/architecture. Well I've been there a few of times and its been overcast and/or with a strong smoke haze.The white tiles aren't gleaming anymore, but it would be unkind to say they need a clean. So I figured a night shot my be called for, hoping that the facade and fountain would be floodlit.  No Luck there either.  Anyone from around here will recoignize the Big M, not as a well known brand of milk, but the logo of the Monash City council, which took over from the Waverly when Victorian councils were amalgamated. Just goes to show Harry was ahead of his time.

In difficult light I often switch over to take a bracketed series and because I still have auto-backup running my images pass by Google+ Auto Awesome filters. Normally it either tries to make them into stop motion movies or something altogether garish and scary. So I tend to ignore them. However I don't mind these two above, which give some idea of the facade by day and by night. I know I keep giving google+'s auto awesomes a hard time, but they are harmless, the original upload remain untouched and you don't have to share them or quick on the "you have .x. auto awesomes waiting" link.

I actually like this one on the right which has a passing car lighting the lower areas, in a couple of the frames, it captures the warm night feel.

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