Saturday, March 01, 2014

A bit of scouting for the patch.


I was out doing a bit of scouting looking for architectural features for this week patch theme and was sniffing around the Harry Seidler designed council offices. Like a lot of buildings it is now surrounded and towered over by less interesting buildings and you have walk around it and glimpse bits here and there to appreciate the whole. A situation that is hard to present in one phone, but a composite collage can begin to layout and unwrap the design.

blogger errorThe collage was created with picasa;s picture pile collage tool, which I do like for such situations as this. Its capable of assembling Hockney style joiners quickly and easily. I however ran into a persistent problem trying to use the Blog This button. Given that the Share on Google+ makes it harder to share to blogger I am getting that unnerving feelings about google’s intention to maintain or not the very popular blogger and picasa platforms?  So with a fair delay I ended up posting this via Windows Live Writer! Go figure?

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