Monday, March 10, 2014

The Patch :: A Bridge to Far

bridge "joiner" created in Picasa
This weeks theme for the Patch is Bridge/Architecture, and I had planned to take a series of photos of the Old Railway bridge at Kilcunda then make them into a Hockney style joiner. However being a long weekend, I had overlook that the nearby car park would be full of argo city folk bringing driving and parking rage to this popular but normally quiet surf beach. So I had to walk and had left my tripod in the car, because a joiner actually works better without perfect junctions. Also being a bright day the cameras automatic exposure changed a lot between the sky and foreground, again this brings the charm of realization that the the images is made up a series of fragments.
bridge pano 1bridge pano 2bridge pano 3
I ended up with 19 photos across 3 series, so I just had to also try out some autostitched panoramas, Being taken with a slightly wider angle (18mm) I did expect the compelling curved shapes that really describes well how the bridge towers above the little track to the beach. The hand held nature, variations in exposure and fact that the people on the bridge moved have added to the image below, so I have refrained from “retouching” any of the detailed autostitch run below (zoom in and find the mismatches). I still prefer the joiner version (at the top) as a more authentic representation of the wide bridge to the inviting surf beach beyond (albeit without the agro)
Auto Stitch Final bridge pano 1B
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