Saturday, October 08, 2016

PhotoProject :: Mad Dogs & Englishmen

Summer, Time for the Sunnies,Lens Pen & Polarizing filterAt last we are getting some sunny weather down here in Australia (it has been an unusually wet and overcast spring so far).i So it is now time to break out the polarizing filter, one of my favourite landscape accessories, The Australian Sun can be really strong and Harsh light and generally the illumination of the sky much stronger than the land (or beach) to typically a photo in the middle of the day will have a bleached out sky, instead of the intense blue it actually appears to our eyes.

Just like polaroid sunglasses the polarizing filter oriented in the correct way can cut back the intensity of the sky and glare and deliver a nice sunny photo with a blue sky. My polarising filter is an older style and it also acts like a 2stop neutral density filter. Compare the photo on the left, taken with my polarizing lens, and the photo on the right normal exposure without a polaroid lens.

With Polarizing FilterWithout Polarizing Filter

There are a lot of purist that might say you should only take landscapes in the golden hours, and never in the harsh midday Australian sun. But I say slap on some sunscreen, sunnies (sunglasses) and a polarizing filter and take a few photos if you want.Especially if the family are enjoying that day at the beach or in the park.

Sun, sand & beach can be a challenge to keep your camera and lens clean so put a blower brush (to blow off any sand or particles) in you camera bag and perhaps a lens pens (or microfiber cloth).

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