Tuesday, October 18, 2016

New Notification, Better Accessibility & a New Look AND it still works.

In case you hadn’t notice there have been a few updates on flickr. Updates being a bit of a dirty word at the moment given my disappointments with Windows 10 (still not really fixed on my new machine) and updates that have hamstrung OnOne and Aftershot Pro (it would be nice if their support would even read emails before sending canned replies). It would be even nicer if they fixed the problems. Anyway its nice to find something updated and working, not sure I really want notifications or a new look but at least it works

It began a couple of week back with a  short blog post, in which flickr introduced a number of significant improvements to accessibility to “provide a product that can be enjoyed by our community regardless of their physical abilities”. Whilst I don’t yet need a screen reader or similiar features. I take this as a great sign that flickr care about their community of user. Good move Flickr.

I’m not really thrilled by the little bell icon (which shows notifications, of photos that are liked and comments or discussions you are involved it), I turned off notification on the android app because they quickly become intrusive and annoying, at least these ones don’t beep at you. So thanks flickr, but no thanks.

Its the new look for the main flickr view that I’m surprised that the wall paper matrix of photos has been dropped to a copy-cat version of google+ or is it instagram? I had just got used to the distictive different look of flickr of well. So that’s a yawn on the new look flickr.

UPDATE: Seems I was a bit early with my post on the flickr Updates. They are now official and discussed in the flickr blog. I am willing to see if the more personal association and previews are infact better on the main flickr display. The joy of having something upgraded and working fine still lingers,
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