Sunday, October 23, 2016

DIGITIZING ART :: Flat Bed Scanner .vs. Photography

Flat Bed (HP Photosmart) Photograph Canon EOS
rubens0003 IMG_0068
rubens0002 IMG_0065
image image

Whilst I have been scanning my smaller sketches and artworks on a conventional flat bed scanner for many years now, the copystand I re-manufactured a while back, then automated the process with a tethered camera has convinced to compare scanning on the flat bed versus photographing my art. I was a little surprised I think you get a much better scan from a photograph, interms of tonal detail. The default scan is perhaps a little over-exposed an the colour detail is not as continous (as shown by the spiky lines in the illumination histogram). The photo is not perfect but the fact that it is a RAW ,cr2 files (and 12 bit colour) make it easier to correct the exposure and colours. Also the lighter tones in the pencil sketch show a better gradation.

I can see a little further investigation is required but photographing your art may be a much better way to get the best results.

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