Monday, October 17, 2016

Is Instagram becoming the place to POSE?

I am still keen to find the prefect POSSE Place. Somewhere I can Post Own Site and Syndicate Everywhere. Well with the recent release of an Instagram app for Windows tablets (is pretty much exactly the same as the android app, very simple and apple-esque). The difference for me is I can easily get my DSLR images uploaded. Importantly if I want I can then on post to Flickr & Tumblr, and maybe Twitter (I’m still not a Facebook person or are every likely to be)
The problem with this place to post is it is not really under my control (Own Site) and it is difficult to just point to the images independent of the Instagram's doorways back to the photo. Such as for a blog post like this, I seem only to be able to use the Instagram supplied embed code. However between my tablet and my phone I can see Instagram growing as a way to get photos quickly & easily onto the social side of the web.
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So Instragram is good for a POSE (Publish Once & Syndicate Everywhere)
It is already a foregone conclusion that Instagram is also a good place for show-offs
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