Friday, April 08, 2016

Travelling back in time

_IGP3652I’m doing a trip from Melbourne to The Blue Mountains but travelling by some of the back roads, places I haven’t been before and the only map I have is an old version (1964) of The Reader Digest Complete Atlas of Australia.The two relevant pages do have maps that do have most of the significant roads as they were back in the 1960 but none of the fancy new freeways and no highway names. Still I just wanted to get to a few key towns and it wasn’t hard (just sometimes confusing as to the most direct route) and with the occasional directions as I got petrol or a coffee. Anyway the trip was a delight and I didn’t get lost. AND I didn’t have to resort to the GPS in my phone. Some of the places I passed through looking as if they haven’t changed at all since the 60s (or even before). However many of the inland large towns looked quiet prosperous and up to date, then just down the road you were going back 50 years again.

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