Wednesday, April 06, 2016

I do love the spectre x2 hardware & performance

imageI trust I’m not giving the impression that I’m  a cranky old man. I’m just a frustrated one. I do love the HP Spectre its got a decent enough size to do “proper” photo post processing. Further the software I have Installed has worked without problem (just registration of aftershot pro has not worked yet). Lightroom in particular is blazing faster than on anything I’ve used before (probably because of the SSD drive). Even importing over 200 photos in both raw and jpeg took well under a minute (no time to go and make a coffee and stop and chat anymore). It is also really responsive in the library module as well. Maybe I’ll get better acquainted again. Picasa, OnOne, NIC software add-ins and are all more responsive than on my desktop or laptop. Aftershot Pro 2 is on steroids its so fast to load photos and scroll etc,

imageA downside I had not considered is the realisation that these are not touch screen aware, and have to be run full screen, when in tablet mode, without the advantage of touch screen controls, but that is where the pen comes in perfect. I’m used to using wacom tablets so the pen control is familiar to me. However if you are used to a mouse only, it might be a struggle (for the first few days, or maybe a week or so) It wasn’t long before I found a spare USB mouse for convenience, but I do use the pen mostly for photo editing.Fullscreen capture 6042016 43947 PMThe screen is perfect for me it is more vivid and a little stronger (when set to a higher brightness +75%) for old eyes, even though it has lower resolution than the surface or a retina screen I couldn’t possible discern that extra resolution and there are plenty of tools to zoom in anyway. As with other IPS screen it is hard to read outside in strong direct daylight. Finding a little shade and having brightness at 100% works fine for me.


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