Wednesday, April 06, 2016

I’m not ready for this


imageMy nightmares are returning. Today I found 6 recommended updated waiting in my HP Support Assistant's tray (that’s a funny name for what appears to just be a notification system), imageOk two of those have either stalled (as above) or been cancelled (not by me, as on left), Surely they should have been something included in yesterday’s upgrade? Evidently not.

Next I was on google chrome and looking at flickr and suddenly no imageinternet, Looking around I found the wifi now called wifi2 (again not by me) is turned off and refused to be turned on (shades of my limp along upgraded system). Trouble shooting told me the wifi was turned off but didn’t tur it on, probably because it wouldn’t. Yet another restart and the wifi was still off but I could turn it back on again.

CaptureThen when I went to use chrome, it wanted to restore previous session, let me look at a couple of pages and then crashed. Trying to retry again took be back into the one or two pages and crash loop, Another restart and starting chrome without a restore and thing appear back to normal, but in an hour later and I have only had this computer three days. I do notice that chrome remote desktop (not installed on this PC, is now not working on my other computers, Are these problems related.

All the restarts have seen the icon in full screen mode thrown back to the right hand side and icons for the windows apps like mail disappeared. They are still tiles on the touch screen mode but the full screen photographic applications (lightroom etc) no longer have tiles! I’m running out of patience

NOT HAPPY, are you listening HP, Microsoft and/or Google

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