Sunday, April 17, 2016

Back Home & What did I learn?

Yesterday, getting home, took over 6 hours driving. It made me realise that there were many potential photo opportunities that I just flashed past. I’m sure if I’d stopped (and had time) I might have found many more. I realised photography is a pedestrian activity.

Angel Hair Dreamcape of The Three Sisters

The second realization (not a new one) was that whilst there are lookouts at scenic spots, the lookout rail is likely to be crowded and the view more a snapshot than a landscape, probably already reproduced in the post cards at the nearby shops. Even more distressing is the number of people with selfie sticks taking photos of themselves blocking the view.Dreamscape Crowd @ Echo PointMany of the more scenic places have narrow winding roads and it is not possible to safely pullover. Yet many of these locations also have wonderful bike or walking trails. So you need to turn off the vehicle direction, get out of you car and use the walking or bike directions on your gps. Better still get a detailed local map, We are lucky, in Australia, to have staffed tourist information centres in most towns. Their local knowledge can help you find those magic places.Luckily Australia Rock is beside the car Park (if you look)

The moral, get out and walk (and allow time to do it)

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