Monday, April 11, 2016

Getting into a routine

2016-04-10_16-55-10_ 2.0EvPhotography and Travelling with the new Silver Spectre (HP Spectre x2) has been wonderfully liberating.

Firstly it has speed up the loading of photos off two cameras (via SD cards) and occasionally from my phone. The Spectre only comes with a mirco SD card reader (and the draw for it is jammed anyway) and as I didn’t want to fork out for new Micro SDs and adaptors I instead just bought a single.USB C to USB A connector. Today I loaded 400 image's onto the spetrce from two cards in less than 2 minutes (I still use picasa rather than lightroom). Then I import them from the SSD disk into lightroom (less than 3 minutes for todays 390 photos and 10 videos) which is now lightening fast. Only a few snips into my coffee and already everything is loaded.

Second I have a toshiba USN external backpack style drive. It has a USB 3 connector but an older style USB A plug. So off with the card reader and in with the external drive. A bit of file explorer navigation and I can backup all todays images and videos (only another minute) and plenty of coffee left.

Next is when I scan through the images and cull the bad, ugly and unfortunate ones (only a dozen today). This is an area I have refined yet. Because waiting for lightroom on the laptop was so tediously slow I had got used to just using Aftershot Pro, which is also lightening fast. I can also use picasa and OnOne in browser mode, which is perhaps becoming my favourite. Mainly because I can flick across to lightroom and back painlessly.

The biggest advantage here is I can do all this where ever I like, such as out on a deck watching the sunset (providing ambient light on the screen isn’t too stong). The battery life on the spectre seems to be a couple of days even with a fair bit of post processing at night.

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