Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sorry Folks I’m Turning off Picture in Popular Post Side Bar

image Google’s taunting of me continues. Today I notice that the popular post summaries over on the right hand side bar have at last started to displaying flickr images but now they overflow the screen. The effect of truncated images is really distracting. I hope this is not a ploy to bring me back to google photos. So I’m going to turn off displaying image thumbnails in the popular post in my side bar for now, Which sort of defeats the purpose on a photography oriented blog.

I have actually had some good feed back about the idea of a popular post summary, probably because my blog rambles all over the place. You can still follow topics by clicking on the green labels (blogger’s version of tags) at the bottom of the blog post. Alternatively there is a label cloud still on the righthand side bar.

At the moment, although I can easily find my most popular posts, I can not find an alternative way for a reader to find popular recent posts (other than the blogger popular posts tool). So Sorry folks no pictures in Popular post (for the moment)

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