Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Visual Dictionary on your Phone

This is a great (little) application from steeev

originally uploaded by imageo.
This was the search result. Hey its one of mine! (Not surprising really I thought it would be unique enough to find me)

If you'd like to try out the visual dictionary yourself, just click on the above searh form, and it will connect to a fresh search.

Note: this link takes you to a mobile mode form, if you have a WAP phone this is the link you need to book mark, and voila you will have an illustrated reference system on your phone. By the way you do not have to pay those ridiculous monthly I-mode fees to telstra to use this. You must of course pay for the data download but everything is nice and compact including the image. If you want to use this from your PC via broadband just swap obver the PC Mode
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