Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The day of dread arrives

I knew it was coming. "An update is available for Picasa". Should I say yes, update now, or defer until the forums have all the pitfalls and bugs reposrted. Maybe ishould decide then. I recklessly said yes, and.........

So far so good.

No major problems obvious yet. There is even some nice stuff, like "Blog This" which takes you straight into blogger, no need to go through hello. The feature I'm really most interested in is the support of off-line media (will it handle archived photos on CDs nicely. More on that later I'm sure)/ There is also more movie format support, so I can now actually view the .MOV file taken by my olympus camera and the .3GP files taken with my phone. For now I'd just testing the blog this feature. It is not fast to set up, but is several steps less than having to fire up hello Posted by Picasa
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