Thursday, October 13, 2005

Camera Fun & Experimenting on your Rejects

Tonight is my sons birthday and we went out to celebrate. I like to play digital camera games, at parties. I often pass a camera around with instructions for each person to take a couple of photos then pass it on. The results are usually boring, often embarrasing but occasionaly great. The lighting in the restaurant was great so I set my camera to available light (ie longer exposures, open apeture and high ASA sensitivity) and passed the camera around with the instruction "Its set to available light so try to hold the camera steady". Well few people could hold the camera steady and most shots looked like this. (You might need to click on the above image to appreciate the fuzziness)

One or two were almost ok. I liked this one of me, very candid, but so cluttered and the multi-imaged halos on the edges are really distracting. The solution was simple, I used the sharpen and then the Focal B&W filters in picasa. The resulting image has taken on a more timeless simplicity.

The moral of the story is have a play with the fancy tools in your photo/camera's software on you discard images pile, you may get some pleasant results and learn a lot without damaging anything precious.
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