Monday, October 10, 2005

Five Fingers?

Five Fingers?
I had decide that I should photograph an obvious five, for this weeks Photo Friday. Five fingers was the most obvious first thought, but hang on what about the thumb. The obvious opportunity to create a five fingers hand was irressistable.

originally uploaded by imageo.
This is the original photo, before manipulaton. It required a bit of gymnastics to coordinate holding one hand steady, in an unnatural pose, and the camera with the other, whilst getting it focused & correctly exposed. I then used Corel Photo to move my first and second finger a little to allow more room for another copy of my second finger to be pasted in place. I also used the cloning tool to simpilfy the background and tidy up the reconnected hand. Finally I used Corel Photobook edges, the charcoal edge, to bring more of a focus to the hand.

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