Sunday, October 23, 2005

Always look on the bright side...

There is always a bright side
Always look on the bright side...
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I'm currently working in New Guinea, at Lihir Island, there are no GSM

services for my mobile phone and I don't have my own access to the net. Yet there is public access available via some shared PCs in the mining camp. Ii is a bit like a low bandwidth internet cafe I guess, anyway it works fine for basic email, and does mean that if i carefully resize an image I can still easily post it to my blog. I have used flickr's email submission system and the special address they have generated for me (it is a unique address for each person) When I email to this address not only is the photo stored in flicker, my email message is used to create a blog enter in the blog of my choice. If you are reading this it must have worked.

If you have a flickr account and a blog make sure you set it up. Then even with the slowest, lowest speed, most basic connection to the net you will be able to keep photo blogging.

PS: It worked but sorry about the format it came out (not sure if it the email of flickr to blame). I had to edit out the extra HTML break lines

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