Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What the? ..A disturbance in the force

flickr uploadrYesterday two lots of photos that I had uploaded independently disappeared. I’m pretty sure they are not examples of “old timers” disease because I can see evidence that the flickr uploadr believe the image was already uploaded.

Monday night was beautifully clear after the moon set and I staid up late (despite a heavy working bee during the day) and captured some large night sky photo. I quickly autostitched them and uploaded from my laptop via wifi to a hotspot with my phone (it was probably after midnight). All seemed good.


I drove back up to Melbourne next morning and synched my photo from my laptop to me desktop computer, as I normally do.  My desktop has the Auto Flickr Uploadr monitoring specific directories. No problems obvious.

My grand daughters had left some bubble pipes and shapes and so I bought them with me to experimented with soap bubbles and paint as a way to create another background for my on going carbon foot print series. Don’t try working with bubbles outdoors on a windy day. Working indoors was also not wise as I wasn’t sure how messy it would be. When I uploaded a set of photos to my scratching blog on Tumblr all was well, but when I went over to flickr. My milky way veratrama had disappeared! I though the uploadr was to blame but it also suggested I did already upload the photo. Ok I just uploaded manually (and it definitely worked. Also my photo from yesterday seems ok. Damn now the bubble photos are missing from tumblr. Uploaded them again. All very strange.

By The Way, if you have a free account on Flickr the auto Uploadr will stop working next week (23rd March) but I don’t think these hiccups are associated with that. I’m not a conspiracy theorist so the fact that a blogged about it, is probably just coincidence. C’est La Vie.

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