Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Gritting of teeth … bummer flickr

imageIn two week from now if you have a free account with flickr that wonderful little auto uploader will stop working. Yes seriously!

Flickr will be making some changes to their pro account, well continuing to be able to use the auto uploadr is the only difference I can see. There are other benefits to getting a PRO account but they come with an annual subscription. To encourage people to join up as a pro they are offering a 30% discount (I assume just for this year).

I had just reached the conclusion that flickr was the right place to share my personal interest images (as opposed to google photos) and had set up a directory and subdirectories to be matching albums in which I merely had to copy to those directories and by magic they would nicely arrive at flickr a short time later. Nice as this feature is I don't appreciate being “cloud-mailed” into purchasing a pro account.
,, yet another disappointment, but not a deal breaker.
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