Saturday, March 12, 2016

Inspired by Fred Williams

original photoI have been inspired for a long time to try and find a way with photographs that could do justice in a semi-abstract painterly way to subjects, in a similar way Fred Williams payed homage to landscapes. I had been unsuccessfully trying to photograph a family of very noisy minors in flight. Tt was late in the day and very overcast and they weren’t cooperating, but I did like the blurred form on one image, The stong shape was both abstract and also characteristic of these birds flight.

Fred’s paintings generally lack a conventional horizon yet that are strongly dimensional, which he seems to often achieve dreamscope filter as groundwith a coloured almost monochromatic ground, with a few gradations then onto this he paints his abstract often calligraphic shapes that echo the subject. For the ground I figured a painterly almost impasto filter from dreamscope would fit the bill and for the subject I took my photo increased the contrast a little and just overlaid it with a normal blend multi-exposure collage filter in picasa. I like the out-come. I’m still not photographing like Fred would have painted but I am understanding better how to develop the idea.
20160312_noisy_minor in flight
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