Monday, March 28, 2016

Shredding Software at a great rate

imageTo be able to access the internet I have had to set up new accounts on my limp-a-long windows 10 laptop. Some software I had to reinstalled but the photo applications I am using OnOne, Corel After Shot, Picasa And lightroom kept working. However now OnOne & Aftershot keep wanting me to re-register. Oneone has now even stopped working the trial periods is apparently over. It must be just 6 days since that is when I set up the new account.  I have purchase both package and install them on this very same computer months ago (back when it was a well behaved Windows 7 PC). Ok under a different account name. So I went back to the original account (which can not access the Wifi system here on Norfolk and while Aftershot pro seems ok, One One is still refusing to work and now lightroom is having tantrums as well disappearing into silence. So I have a very sick windows 10 upgrade on a decent computer gobbling up the software applications I want to use. NOT HAPPY

Sad smile

At least Picasa and have not deserted me (yet!)

To rub salt into the wound Dropbox has just sent me a message that it is not able to synchronize.

And of course I don’t travel with the registration keys and installation packages for all my software so I’m feeling very abandoned,

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