Saturday, March 19, 2016

Another Upload Hiccup

imageA group of little Musk Lorikeets, have been feeding on some local gum trees (which normally have finished flowering by now but are flourishing now). These small parrots are really fast flyers and tend to inhabit the upper branches of trees, thus a challenge to photograph. I noticed a few squawking on a lower branch so I grabbed my long lens and camera and collected several photos most of which had the their heads buried in the foliage. I came straight inside and using Aftershot Pro and the Perfectly Clear Filter and had an image ready to upload in approximately 5 minutes (including upload to the card via Picasa). I then copied the processed image over to my directory that Flickr’s Uploadr monitors and heard the tone associated with the Uploadr App, I lefty thinking the photo had been uploaded and went and lunch. After lunch I checked and no photo on flickr, looking at the app log it reported it was being processed on the server. Ok perhaps I need to wait. Five hours later I decided to upload manually. Perhaps flickr are shutting down the uploadr early.

Musk Lorikeet [Glossopsitta concinna]

Glossopsitta concinna

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