Friday, August 24, 2012

More Low Light HDR

2012-08-23_17-53-20_HDRI most admit working with long exposures and movement was fun.

There was a great downpour just before the sunset yesterday, and the lights of city traffic where making great reflections of the wet roadway. So why not try some HDR, the movement of course, makes it very difficult to properly register the images. However my android HDR Camera+ app actually did a good job (see image to the right).  Almalence have developed their own HDR algorithms for precise alignment and moving objects handling.

I have this app settings to keep the three bracketed exposure so I was also able to try out how well luminance and picturenaut could handle the movement. Quiet well it appears (albeit with some distinct colour casts, see images below reproduced here for those that want to tut tut at the lurid colours). Both picturenaut and luminace have auto registration and ghost removal features, and many more tone mapping features but I personally prefer the in phone processed image from HDR Camera+city labelled
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