Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Kookaburra Encounter

Today we went for a walk at the inlet and arrived home @ about 5:15
It was a sunny afternoon so I went in to make a cup of tea to enjoy on the deck. I looked through the kitchen window and spotted a kookaburra on the rail of the deck, So I snuck out quietly with my camera. - I needn't have botthered to be so quiet he was completely unfazed by my presence. Soon norm came upstairs and a camera duel began. We couldn't help getting some great shots - the kooka was so obliging, He sat of the rail for at least 20 mins and posed in every position for us - a lovely encounered with nature at Venus Bay.
by Kaye
"Auto-painted" watercolour created with Corel Painter essentials
Duelling Cameras (& IPhones)

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