Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Google Plus-ness arrives at blogger

imageI suppose it was only a matter of time, but the moment bloggers on blogger were dreading has arrived, and the sky hasn’t fallen in.

I was among many bloogers that were quite apprehensive about blogger being gobbled up into virtual vastness of google+ and the possibility that our normal audience (who may, dread the thought, may not be google+ers) might never see us again. Well the day has arrived and google has integrated google+ into blogger, not gobbled it up. Further that integration is largely unnoticeable. At its simplest you are encouraged to create a google+ page that is associated with the blog and then links back to all blog post will also be automatically created as posts on that blog page. I must admit I have noticed that this link to blog posts is The logo if supposed to look like this!exactly how many others use google+, and I have done it a few times myself. In retrospect it is a very obvious way to invigorate the google+ post stream with some fresh blood.
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