Monday, August 01, 2005

Reflections::Tranquil winter's afternoon

I'm lucky, I live close to a well loved surburban lake, Jell's Park, it is part of Melbourne's "green belt", created in the 1960s. The lake acts as an important flood control and the main power lines supplyimg electricity to Melbourne run through the "public land" (if you look hard you can see them in the distance). The lake is also now an important habitat and stop over local and migrating bird, as well as a possums, including the tiny sugar gliders. It is also a pleasant place to walk & take photos on a sunny winter's day.
[geotagged geo:lat=-38.9000 geo:lon=145.2014]
[geotagged geo:lat=-38.9003 geo:lon=145.2015]
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