Sunday, August 07, 2005

Photo Project :: Going, Going, Gone

You can do some pretty magic post processing with suitable software. I have Corel Photobook, but most packages will have a cloning tool. This clever little tool lets you copy a little bit of an image over the top of another part of the image. Normally the bit you copy will be a little round shape with a feathered edge, and you generally have control of the position of the first shape and the relative offest involved in the copy. It is great to copy bits of texture to hide blemishes, power lines, sun flare, the list is endless. In this case my "clean up" is to simpliy the image, make it a stronger composition

Starting with my original photo

I cropped it a little

then i used the cloning tool to "cover" up the bit of the beak on the righthand side and completetely hide the swamp hen in the forground. If you click on the image to see the larger version you might be able to see the little sections of the image that have been duplicated over the swamp hen. Note I used a few different parts and overlayed the texture to look natural.

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