Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Good news via email

welcome back hello Posted by Picasa

This morning I got the support email i was waiting for (after reporting my problems with hello on sunday. i couldn't login to hello I always got a "The UI failed to initialize" error message)

"We have a file that may help you solve the problem. Please download and run Hello Cleanup. You can get it here:

Open Hello Cleanup
Click Advanced
Select Remove All Files
Click "Clean up Now"

Hello Cleanup will remove most components of your Hello profile. It will remove your chat history and your profile (the profile can be easily reconfigured). The cleanup will not affect your Hello Friends List because that is stored on the server.""

Well it all worked perfectly. Thank you picasa support team.

I think I've written about how archain the google groups are as a means of support before. You can post questions but few are answered. At best they alert yoiu to all the otheres having the same dificulties as you (and I was not alone). Now I have discovered there is also a user blog called spreadhello which has much friendlier forums. I've change the link to get hello to there, the one over on the right hand side.

I had missed using the hello and blogger buttons(blogger and its smart bloggerbot, also uses hello) at the bottom of my picasa screen. To be honest flickr did an excellent job, it just took a lot more key strokes. Especially for multi-image posts like my Birds of Kalista post,(see below) where a lot of cutting pasting & HTML edits were required. Time I'd rather spend getting the right geotags.
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