Wednesday, August 03, 2005


MoBlogging, originally uploaded by imageo.

Blogging directly from your mobile phone, is now available on blogger, but only in the USA. So how an I doing this from Australia?

PS: Well I have a Flickr photostream, and flicker will let you email in photos using a ""secret email address", more importantly you also get another address, it has "2blog" at the end of the secret AddressName. I have an telstra I-mode phone, so I can send emails from it. When you email the special flickr address, its a long address so I had already stored it in my phones address book, the photo is posted and then a blog entry constructed. Using the subject line of your email as the title, and the text you send in the email as the body of the post and the photo is posted according to the default format you have set up in Flickr.

Well it worked but there where a few hickups

  • Telstra only lets you email 1kb as an attachment in I-mode emails
  • So I had to reduce the image size to "email size", unfortunately it put the image in a 90 degree rotation & portrait mode
  • The typing of the text is a bit tedious (or it it just me)

And finally this is the actual phone photo @ 1.3 mega pixels,(you'll defintely need to click on it to see the difference in detail.)

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