Sunday, November 07, 2004

What about iPhoto

IPhoto's Main screen

iPhoto is apple's contribution to the computer photo album territory grab. I've seen the web site but as I don't have a mac. i'm just an interested reader.the screen shot look pretty standard, a navigation area, thumbnails and image area and very graphic tool bar. The interesting part for is the sections that talk about fast find for you photos, basically borrowing the approach used to manage large music collection in iTunes. They have a smart Album function that is like the smart playlist for your music.

The really interesting thing is there idea of making up slide shows with music (ok every one does that) and then playing them on your ipod (The new ipods will apparently come with coloured screens).

I predict right here and now that this will be a popular thing, maybe even the next big thing! I see teenagers by the thousands spending hours making "music video" slide shows of their friends, pets, cuddly toy, favorite clothes and any other obsessions; using photos, mainluy from their camera phones, but also downloaded from email and web sites to show-off to their friends, on their ipods of course!

Good luck with it apple
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