Friday, November 19, 2004

Photo Fix Project: Recovering an image when you forgot to turn the flash on.

Armed with my experiments in Tonal Balance adjustments and enough experience with noiseworks to be dangerous. I decided to have a try at fixing those under exposed, low light shotshot, the ones that are so easy to take . I'm sure you know the ones, so dark you can barely see any detail.

The First Photo is too dark
Original Photo Posted by Hello

At the same time I wanted to test out Photoshops Elements Infill (Digital) Flash. The big trouble with any of the post processesing of such images is the fact that low level long exposures photos on digital camera suffer badly from noise. Tonal adjustment really accenuated this noise.

This Photo is a lot lighter, but too warm This Photo is too noisey

So my idea was to run the tonal fix, then use noiseworks to filter out the grainess, noise and smooth out the photo
This photo has goldilocks looking just right

Well I trust you can see the logic does work and the resulting images are reasonable acceptable, infact the warm lighting actually glows. I like my manual tonal balance and noise filter best so I used a clone tool in corel photobook to mend the distracting torn wall paper on it to give the final "fixed" photo.

I just trust that one day goldilocks will forgive me using this photo as an example.
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