Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Industrial Light & (Natural) Magic

Work continues up here 24 hours a day and I have been sharpening up my photographing of artificially lit objects. Low level lighting is a challenge for digital cameras, firstly the strong contrast in lighting is likely to trick the light meter and then a long exposure is likely to increase the possibility of camera shake that blurs the image and heat noise that makes it look all grainy. So a lot of well meaning introduction to digital photography say to avoid low level and artificial light. But as you know, if you are following this blog, I don't like obeying the rules. Except when I broke the rules for this series I used a tripod and the shutter self timer (to avoid camera shake) and had the noise reduction filter is set on, and the camera in night scene mode.

Drilling in the Dark

These drills make sinister sharp and angular poses that contrast with the play of light and shadows of the trees. The two photos below were taken near an a geothermal well that was being vented, bleaching stream, which swirled and billowed quickly across the powerful lighting for the nearby drill. So the drill is in sharp relief but the stream is blurred by its own movement.(now that is a technique that is going to be difficult to reproduce)

Drillers in the Mist Drillers in the Mist

This frangipani below is just out side my room in the camp. The light and shadows of the leaves and branches are strong organic patterns that contrast with the repetitive and harsh texture of the corrugated iron and cyclone fence. I like this type of abstraction of asymmetry and repeating patterns. The powerful contrasting colour harmony of green and mauve shadows are a bonus. Its a pity the leaves where moving in the breeze.

Frangipani at Night

In the relentless competition between technology and nature there is much beauty to be found.
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